• Instructor, Strategic Management (Upper-level Undergraduate), University of Maryland, Summer and Fall, 2020-2021

    • Sole instructor responsible for all aspects of the course including developing syllabus, assignments, lecturing, and grading.

    • Teaching evaluation: 3.8/4.8 (Summer), 3.4/4.0 (Fall) (Mean rating in the Business School is 3.3)

    • Selective comments from students:

      • "This was a useful class. I feel like management can't necessarily be taught in a classroom, it's learned best through experience. However, the case studies we did were very helpful".

      • "Although it is the first time Professor Ding teaches this course, I think he has done a great job. He is a patient, responsible and hardworking instructor. We can easily tell that he has spent time into preparing the course. He responses to students email fast and really takes time to explain students' questions even through email communication. He also gave students constructive feedback on each assignment. It has been a great experience to have him as a professor".

      • "Yuheng did a great job of explaining everything and kept it thorough".

      • "Yuheng is thoughtful, engaging, and modern in his teaching style. He knew exactly what points of emphasis he wanted to instill within us, and always had an eye towards how we could use the material in the future".

Teaching Assistant

  • Entrepreneurial Capitalism Around the World (Upper-level Undergraduate), University of Maryland, Fall, 2021-2022

  • Business Consulting: Technology Entrepreneurship (MBA), University of Maryland, Fall, 2019-2020

  • Financial Econometrics (Master of Finance), University of Maryland, Fall, 2015-2016